Every morning (and somedays evening...) as I get my day started (or finished)  I have a quiet(ish)
{sometimes loud} time where I seek the Lord's word. 
First, I check my e-mail to see what is the scripture of the day from K-Love, a radio station I used to listen to in Midland. 
Then, I read my Proverbs 31 e-mail. 
Next, I open my Bible App and read the scripture there- some days the full chapter- some days just the verse. 
Last, I open up my ibooks App and read my daily "Jesus Calling" devotional. 
I try to ask God, what is it that You have for me today? 
I can sometimes feel a TUG in my heart as I read one of these. 
Today was a tug day. 
The first scripture I read was (from K-Love):
You are the salt of the earth. But what good is salt if it's lost it's flavor?
Matthew 5:13
{You are the light of the world, a city set on a hill cannot be hid. Matthew 5:14}
Then, I read (The daily Bible App scripture):
Be wise in the way you act towards outsiders; make the most of every opportunity. 
Let your conversation be always full of grace, seasoned with salt, so that you may know how to answer everyone. 
Colossians 4: 5-6
Scriptures I've heard a thousand times but today I needed to know more about "salt" and it's purpose biblically. 
I learned that SALT is unique and is the only mineral we ingest and that it is a necessity of life. 
Every cell in our body is is bathed with salt solution. 
Salt in the biblical days was extremely valuable- as valuable as gold! 
I learned that salt preserves corruption. 
Salt represents endurace and purity.
So to loose one's saltiness would be to be unsuccessful as a disciple- to be in the world- corrupted as opposed to being in the Gospel and pure of heart. {This is a warning to be on guard- to be in the world but not OF the world.}
To be seasoned with salt would mean to be at peace with one another. The salt refers to the goodwill of positive relationships between people. 
Salt is representative of God's discipleship - God's purpose fulfilled through us.
I asked one of our BFF's and pastor John about salt and he sent over a sermon he wrote about it.
Another very interesting point about Salt is that it makes you thirsty.
So if we are the salt of the earth, are we making people around us thirsty for God?
'Are we making ourselves thirsty for God?'
As Christ followers we should create a hunger and a thirst for Christ in others as well as ourselves.
Another awesome point John made is about salt being a preservative.
"No matter what the enemy tries to do to hurt, corrupt or harm Gods peopleHE CANNOT SURVIVE A SALTY ENVIRONMENT…"
Who knew salt was so important???
All this time I've been avoiding salt so I won't be bloated!!!
Lord, I pray that You season me with salt and that I will never loose my flavor.
Thank you Lord for teaching me more about your word!
This is just the little bit I have learned, and I am so interested to learn more!
Here's to lifetime of listening to the Lord reveal more about His word to us!


Casa de Stack: Vision Board

So we are finally to the fun part- the design aspect of home building!!
I was made for this!
I have a pretty clear vision of what I like, but now I have to see what is offered (and what is in budget!!!!!)  and make decisions from there. 
My current home is 100% cool tones. I love love love cool tones. 
I would say my house is 50 shades of grey but I never read that book and have no clue if that is a good or a bad thing! Lol! 
So here is a peek into my design mind. 
I like things that are unique- one of a kind. 
I have a weird aversion to anything mass produced. 
I like industrial yet elegant. 
Everywhere Mitch and I have travelled we have collected a piece for our home. 
So our home tells the story of our marriage and our life together. 
For example, we have a huge map from Hawaii- it's from Pearl Harbor- my grandfather was based in Hawaii after the Japanese attacked the US so it's very personal to us and our story.
Then we have pieces from the Guggenheim in New York, a carved wooden Bear from Ruidoso, gorgeous vintage pieces from Paris, France + Rome Italy, an arrow from Santa Fe, a picture of The Santa Rita No.1 (an oil rig where my dad took his class picture from UT), colorful dishes from Mexico,   and so on. 
We also love anything vintage (like my cool orange couches upstairs). 
To say my home is cohesive would be a lie, but it is very eclectic and very personal to the people that live in it. 
Nothing matches and I like that. 
Here are a few ideas (without giving everything away) on my inspiration board for our new home!!!

This is the overall feel I am shooting for!
My home colors will be grey (duh), navy and green!
I love linen, leather, tufting, studs and cool shapes (note the light fixture). 
This is the color scheme in my current home and I love it so I think we will keep the same colors! 
These are super similar to the floor I had installed into our current home.
I loved them but they did make my home look small- I am contemplating going a little lighter to open the room up!
But will stick to the same width and hand scraped! 
I installed black and white floor upstairs at our current home and would LOVE to incorporate it again in our new home!
So classic, elegant and timeless! 
We have very similar chairs in our kitchen and I love the look of this farm house table!
(Actually I love the look of just about anything 'farmhouse')
Subway tile, subway tile, subway tile.... everywhere!
& white cabinets! 
We're on the hunt for a china cabinet and I LOVE interesting curtains! They add such a great dimension to any room! 
I love interesting/ personal art.
Anything that speaks PERSONALLY to you!
This is so neat, it's a page blow up from a book!
What a great idea! 
If any of you interior design guru's have suggestions please send them our way!!!
We can use all the expertise we can get!
I remember one of my very first boss's James Van Stavern (and master interior designer) telling me, "There is more than 1 way to skin a cat" and that is what I am sticking to! There is NO right way! Design (as well as fashion) is all subjective!
Hope you enjoyed a peek into our vision board for our new home!

{All pictures stolen from Pintrest!} 


Casa de Stack

Well after a very long and drawn out house hunting project it's settled we are 
building a home in Frisco, Texas!! 
Let's start at the beginning. 
3.5 years ago we started the whole house hunting process. 
We didn't know what part of Dallas we wanted to live. 
We searched every neighborhood. It came down between the 'M' street and North Dallas. 
If you know me, you know I am a scary cat. 
Every time I leave a store after dark I have my keys in between my fingers ready to fight off a bad guy {I know, a little extreme, right?} 
So we settled for a neighborhood with far less crime and close to my family. 
 Fast forward to 6 months ago, our precious tiny little home in North Dallas was perfect, but we out grew it. 
So I started to search EVERY neighborhood again. I looked for the smallest tear downs in Preston Hollow, the Gayborhood, Lakewood, Lake Highlands, North Dallas, Greenway Park, Inwood area and more. 
I couldn't find anything that was not a kazillion dollars and needed a kazillion upgrades.
Not to mention my laundry list of requirements a house must have: large back yard, shop for Mitch, gas cook top in kitchen, sufficient natural light in living areas, open floor plan, park within walking distance, low crime rate, great schooling system, TREES, and community. 
I had always said I didn't want to live in Frisco. 
I didn't like the small little addition neighborhoods with no community and the houses all looked the same. I called it "Pleasantville". 
After some convincing from a friend of mine I agreed to look at some new additions going up. 
I immediately liked the idea of building but hated every neighborhood I saw. 
She text me to go see Phillips Creek Ranch
We went and I immediately knew I wanted to live there, and specifically on Bear Lake Road (as I call my husband Bear). 
After countless meeting with builders, much negotiation (Mitch is the master negotiator), and so much excitement we decided to move forward. 
Within the next 4 days everything was set(ish) other than I had some less than regular floor plan changes. {Which also moves back the date we can move in!}
If I'm going to build I want it to be unique and custom
That's the point of building, right? 
My Bear + Baby Bear
Future Home!!!!!!!! 

Truth: I got stung by 1 million ants taking this picture

My baby
Oops... should have thought this though
Our new park! 

Eatin' Rocks 
Babies + construction sites + rain!!!!
A great perk of the move is we will officially be neighbors to some of our best friends, the Alcala's!!! 

I pray this house will be used to honor the Lord 100%. I pray it's a place where people are changed. I pray it's filled with joyous memories of family, friends and raising babies. 

2 Samuel 7:29
Proverbs 24: 3-4


Essential Summer Accessories

Summer is less about clothing and more about accessories
I wear easy dresses, cut off denim and tee's all summer. 
Below are my Summer Essentials to add a little fun to my wardrobe. 

After weeks of stalking Nena & Co. I finally found the perfect weekender bag
 {Read My Birthday Wish List for more details on the bag}
Everyone needs a great summer read, I chose "Living in Style" by Rachel Zoe
Last, summer 2k14 is all about Sunflowers, I found this cool floral crown at Forever21
Tortoise Shell Glasses from Charming Charlie 

As for footwear, I love the 2 tone look of these great summer flats from Dolce Vita
{Buy them Here}
This summer I will be wearing one of my mom's watches to keep her close to me
{Shop Michele Watches here}
My BFF spoiled me with some Jamberry Nails and I'm in love! 
The gold and white stripe is perfect for Summer! 

A little Bahama Bucks 

Summer Gardening

My mom loved Elephants, so when I saw this tee at Forever21 saying "Do Big Things"
I knew I had to have it
Sunnies- Rayban

Have fun playing up your accessories this Summer! 
You only live once, have fun!