Casa de Stack

Well after a very long and drawn out house hunting project it's settled we are 
building a home in Frisco, Texas!! 
Let's start at the beginning. 
3.5 years ago we started the whole house hunting process. 
We didn't know what part of Dallas we wanted to live. 
We searched every neighborhood. It came down between the 'M' street and North Dallas. 
If you know me, you know I am a scary cat. 
Every time I leave a store after dark I have my keys in between my fingers ready to fight off a bad guy {I know, a little extreme, right?} 
So we settled for a neighborhood with far less crime and close to my family. 
 Fast forward to 6 months ago, our precious tiny little home in North Dallas was perfect, but we out grew it. 
So I started to search EVERY neighborhood again. I looked for the smallest tear downs in Preston Hollow, the Gayborhood, Lakewood, Lake Highlands, North Dallas, Greenway Park, Inwood area and more. 
I couldn't find anything that was not a kazillion dollars and needed a kazillion upgrades.
Not to mention my laundry list of requirements a house must have: large back yard, shop for Mitch, gas cook top in kitchen, sufficient natural light in living areas, open floor plan, park within walking distance, low crime rate, great schooling system, TREES, and community. 
I had always said I didn't want to live in Frisco. 
I didn't like the small little addition neighborhoods with no community and the houses all looked the same. I called it "Pleasantville". 
After some convincing from a friend of mine I agreed to look at some new additions going up. 
I immediately liked the idea of building but hated every neighborhood I saw. 
She text me to go see Phillips Creek Ranch
We went and I immediately knew I wanted to live there, and specifically on Bear Lake Road (as I call my husband Bear). 
After countless meeting with builders, much negotiation (Mitch is the master negotiator), and so much excitement we decided to move forward. 
Within the next 4 days everything was set(ish) other than I had some less than regular floor plan changes. {Which also moves back the date we can move in!}
If I'm going to build I want it to be unique and custom
That's the point of building, right? 
My Bear + Baby Bear
Future Home!!!!!!!! 

Truth: I got stung by 1 million ants taking this picture

My baby
Oops... should have thought this though
Our new park! 

Eatin' Rocks 
Babies + construction sites + rain!!!!
A great perk of the move is we will officially be neighbors to some of our best friends, the Alcala's!!! 

I pray this house will be used to honor the Lord 100%. I pray it's a place where people are changed. I pray it's filled with joyous memories of family, friends and raising babies. 

2 Samuel 7:29
Proverbs 24: 3-4