I have been thinking a lot about forgiveness. About forgiving those who aren’t sorry. Who don’t see their wrong. And walking in true forgiveness with them. 

Many years back I chose to forgive someone who wasn’t sorry. And would never be sorry. I wasn’t getting the apology that was long overdue. From someone who had deeply wrong me. 

But what happened when I obeyed God FULLY was spectacular. It wasn’t about the other person- it was about ME. The freedom I received was unmatched to any “rightfully so” grudge. 

But I’ve also been thinking about the power of a true apology. I had a friend apologize to me probably 10 years ago at this point. They admitted their sin, asked for forgiveness and apologized. It was life giving but also life changing. It taught me a lesson much greater than they would ever know. It taught me how to apologize. 

Again, the freedom, peace and joy that followed were unmatched.

Someone needs to hear this today. God calls us to forgive. Even when we are right. And He calls us to confess our sins and seek forgivenes.

I promise FREEDOM is on the other side. Joy and peace will follow when we fully obey our King! 


Stewarding Well

 What are you given to steward well? 

To steward is to manage something- that God owns! 

As moms, we steward our children, that God has placed in our hands. As business people, we steward God’s finances, that He entrusts us with. As friends, we steward the hearts of God’s children. 

Each of us has been given specific assignments of stewardship. We are called to produce good fruit from that we are given. 

Teachers are called to plant seeds of faith in children. Coaches are called to lead children to Christ and produce good fruit. Pastors are to steward their congregation. Nurses, their patients. All of us are to steward our time (making space for the Lord daily), families, finances, jobs, and assignments that only YOU know what God has given you! 

I feel encouraged today to remind you what God has given each of you to steward. To meet those blessings with love, joy, peace, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, and self- control in this Christmas season and moving into the Née Year. Whatever is in your hands, pray over it, care for it, believe in it. To whom much is given, much is required! 

Love y’all!