Crop top + Maxi skirt

I am notorious for getting on kicks. 
Like making smoothies or wearing my hair in a 'top knot' for 2 years. 
My latest kick is crop tops + maxi skirts. 
Oh don't forget the braid I've worn in my hair almost everyday for 2 weeks. 
Y'all should all shop the look above! 
(or just click through to see the picture in much better quality)


Ear Cuff

How cute is my ear cuff. I've had her for quite sometime but 
never can seem to find the perfect outfit for her. 
After stalking the Emmy's outfits I saw a few ladies wore an ear cuff. 
So maybe next year I'll wear mine while watching the Emmy's from my couch. 

Ear cuff crush! 
How cool are these! 
Shop ear cuffs and other fun earrings at:  baublebar.com


I wore a weird outfit today. 
My bff called me the Arby's guy.
That's why we're friends. 
"To live a create life we must loose our fear of being wrong." - Joseph Chilton Pearce


Best Dressed || Emmy's 2014

Best Dressed || Emmy's 2014

Sarah Hyland deserves a round of applause for this incredible look by 
Christian Siriano. 
I am actually planning to purchase a skirt like this in black. 
I was thinking a long sleeve crop top, thoughts? 

I can't resist a gorgeous preggy. 
Hayden Panettiere looks stunning in Lorena Sarbu. 

Although there was an awkward sexist comment made 
(I didn't see it live, just read about it this morning)  
I still vote Sofia Vergara, in Roberto Cavalli, as one of the nights best dressed. 


Mani Monday

I'm certain you've been in this dilemma too. 
Matching your favorite OPI or Essie color to it's Gel equivalent. 
Well I've found the perfect match for Essie's Romper room- Gel name is romance. 
So if you are searching for the perfect creamy pink, there ya go! 

Praying that your day, dear reader, is going well! 


4 Year Anniversary

Y'all, can you believe it's been FOUR years?
Me neither! 
What a fun ride we have been on. 
Mitch and I are best friends, and it sure is fun to share life with your bestie! 
So when our 1 year anniversary rolled around I decided I wanted to follow the traditional 
wedding anniversary gift guide. 
I thought it would add something fun and creative for us to do! 

Let's review each anniversary:

Year 1 is paper so we gave each other tickets to go on a cruise! 
Apparently, August is hurricane season, so our fabulous cruise to 
Turks and Caicos was re-routed to Key West, Costa Maya and Cozumel. 
(No wonder it was only $500/ person for a full week in August! Hurricane waters are NO joke!) 

Adrenaline Junkies! :) 

Always searching for an adventure! 
I'll write a blog later on this but how annoying is it that I thought I was SO fat here!
The most I had weighed in my life.. I'd like to kick my own butt.  

Mitch won the cruise dance off! Hahahahaha! 
Year 2 is cotton so we set out on a road trip to Fredericksburg, Texas to the Cottonwood Gin Village. 

Cute cabin for the weekend! 

Cotton gifts! 

Cotton bow on the flowers! 

Year 3 is Leather. We had a brand new baby who came with us to dinner! 

Such fun presents that will always be a reminder of a life milestone! 

This year, year 4 is flowers
Mitch booked us a trip to Hawaii for the occasion but unfortunately life is so hectic that I'm sure we won't even be able to go until Christmas! Lol! Here's to hoping we make it there by our 5 year Anniversary! 
Mitch took me on a surprise date to see Phantom of the Opera! 

Theatre selfie
I tried to keep his gifts in theme... Cologne is made of flowers, right? 
I got my brother, Ryan, a Nespresso for his birthday given he is the family coffee connoisseur
he liked it so much I thought I'd get Mitch one too... coffee is a bean- which is kinda like a flower, right? 
Dinner at Ocean Prime! Caviar Deviled Eggs!  
Scotch + Steak
Lobster + Miller Lite :) 
So I was feeling all kinds of  neutral on this particular day!
I love love love a half turtle neck & paired it with a cute skort!
Neutrals on Neutrals on Neutrals! 

Fun assortment of bone and stingray! 
Overall having a fun theme to mark every anniversary has been great! We enjoy trying to be creative with our gifts! 
I cannot wait to see what the next 60 years holds for us! 
I know we are called to be a foundation for generations to come!  

7thWool/CopperDesk Sets
10thTin/AluminumDiamond Jewelry
11thSteelFashion Jewelry
13thLaceTextile Furs
14thAnimals*Gold Jewelry