Line I love | Equipment

As I was building client Look Books this evening I was inspired to share my love for the line  
I came across Equipment when I was working at Neiman Marcus 6 years ago. 
I sat through a product knowledge meeting where I learned 
that Equipment was founded in the late 70's but became astonishingly popular in the 80's
(partially because of the Movie "Ghost").
Filmstar Lauren Bacall loved the line, and I quickly developed a liking for it too! 
The line kinda vanished from the market and was re-launched in 2010.  
It's a menswear inspired line that is timeless, minimalistic, and modern. 
I bought my first Equipment Top FIVE years ago and I swear it still looks brand new! 
It's one of those go-to pieces that will work with just about anything. 
It's flattering, is a work essential, great for running errands and is
 sexy enough for a causal date night out. 
It is possibly one of the most versatile pieces I own. 


Here is a link to shop Equipment

{Pictures borrowed from Pinterest!} 


Pearls and Talons | SS'15

Oh- Em-Gee! 
We already know I am obsessed with local Dallas designers. 
Well, this one happens to be a darling friend of mine! 
Meet Jen, co-owner and designer of 
Pearls and Talons
 {I also absolutely adore her business partner, Jenny, too!!} 
From the moment I met Jen, I knew she was destined for something great. 
She was so perfectly put together and her lifestyle was the definition of glamour. 
One of the first times Jen and I hung out (7 years ago!)  I rode along with her on a 2 day trek 
across the country to Los Angeles with her precious pup Tico. 
We had a blast getting to know one another. 
She had big dreams for the fashion industry and let me tell you, 
she is truly living them out

I proudly present my favorite pieces from
 Spring/Summer '15: 

I'll take one of each, please! 


Hey Bear

Y'all, my best friend spoils me rotten. 
This morning my neighbor came over and dropped off a package that had been left on our doorstep while we were out of town. 
I kept thinking I didn't order anything, where could this have come from? 
Then, I saw the note "Hey there, bear. Just a little gift because we love ya! - LK&D Adkins"   
I got all chocked up. 
My precious friend sent me the door mat I reallllllly wanted. 
And on the weekend of her diaper shower. 
Talk about selfless!

The morning before I cried literally all morning. 
Partially because I was missing my darling best friends diaper shower that evening in which I was helping host (luckily I got to FaceTime in and felt apart of the action!).
I just couldn't shake the sad feeling I was missing out on a big moment in her life. 
Just a few days before I had thought of her while I was shopping vintage beads and decided I wanted to hand make and send her a of earrings. 
When I first moved to Dallas she and I would write each other little letters and notes every once in a while just because. 
Well, this particular week us soul sistas must have been on each others hearts. 

Let me tell you about my darling Kris.
She is hysterical. 
Honestly, one of the funniest gals I've ever known. 
She is fun loving, loyal, and one of the first people that comes to mind when I want someone 
to pray over me. 
She is a hard worker, the best momma, and kind down to the core. 
We have walked though a lot of life together and are the type of friends that get each others hearts. 
I love you, Kris!  

Wedding Flashback

I'm a sucker for a good love story but my favorite one of all is our love story!!

I cannot believe that Mitch proposed August 2, 2009 {Almost exactly 5 years ago!}
and we tied the knot August 7, 2010 {Almost 4 years ago!}
Where has the time gone?
I want to take a moment to walk down memory lane and relive some of the highlights from our wedding!
{And honestly I want to write down the details so I can look back and remember them!} 

We got married at the Piazza in the Village in Colleyville, Texas. 
My favorite number is 7, so we got married at 
77 Piazza Lane at 7:00. 

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Here is a picture of the Chapel.
My daddy walked me down the aisle to "My Redeemer Lives".
My best friend, Jana, gave me the sweetest hanky on my wedding day, which you can see here.
Dad giving me away to my forever
Frontline Worship sang "Higher" for the seating of the parents and
"Come Walk With Me" for processional of the attendants. 
Pastor Clyde Brown, who was my late Father-in-law's best friend married us.
Our friend and pastor, John, spoke at our wedding.
He gave us with a gorgeous vintage record player and read James 4:14. 
Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell Abraham Stack!
We walked the recessional to "Everlasting Love"
Flowers: Calla Lilies + Roses
(Some of the flowers I requested don't grow in America in August and would have had to been flown in from Israel... So needless to say I was happy with having Lilies and Roses from America!) 
Right after the ceremony back in the gorgeous bridal suite
 Now let's move onto what we wore,
My mom bought me the very first dress I tried on, of course after trying on about 300 others. It is Oscar de la Renta. This is one aspect of my wedding that I still LOVE! If I were to do it all over again I'd choose this exact dress!
P.S. God, please give me daughter that loves my dress and wants to wear it. AMEN! 

I chose these Pour la Victoire heels based on the sole! LOL!
But  I still love my Blue Bottomed shoes!
Here is a picture of my veil. This is another part that I still absolutely love! The gorgeous netting is so nostalgic and timeless. I wore these gorgeous long earrings for the reception, too bad I can't remember the designer... But I did get
them at Neiman's as I was working there when I tied the knot (Holla 30/30 aka getting everything at 50% off).
For the reception I swapped head pieces for this fabulous feather and net one and changed into pearl earrings for dancing! 
For the guys I chose classic black tuxes with suspenders.
I made Mitch buy a tux with a white bow tie! I told him he couldn't get married in rented clothes...
(Dad had to buy a new tux too)
I remember searching high and low for the perfect garter.
No one made leopard with Tech emblems so I had to have it custom made!

My gorgeous bridesmaids wore yellow silk shantung strapless dresses with a big bow on the back from Lulu's Uptown. 
I decided to ask all the girls to wear different color shoes! Lol!
Give me a break, I wanted to do something 'fashiony' Hahaha! 
As for the decor, I have to keep reminding myself I was 24 years old, planning a wedding before pinterest. I had originally wanted my colors to be navy + yellow but somewhere along the way I got overwhelmed and decided to do all my decor in classic white. I went forward with yellow bridesmaids dresses since it was summertime and for some reason I didn't want pink (now I wish I had done pink + navy... LOL!) 
The waterfall + sign as you walked into the reception area.
Room overview photo.
We wanted to keep our wedding 'small' by having it in Dallas and not our hometown of Midland.
We still managed to have a little over 275 guests.
For food we chose to do food stations, the wedding planner said this is one of the best ways to get your guests to have fun since you have to walk across the room to go to all the stations.
We served prime rib, salmon, beef tenderloin, a mashed potato bar, a pasta bar, and a salad bar. 
We played a sweet slideshow of Mitch and myself growing up for all the guests.
 (I didn't take into account how large those screens were- hello FACE!)
We also had gorgeous uplighting (I literally didn't know what uplighting was until my wedding...) and our monogram was projected on the dance floor. 
I did 2  different sizes of  centerpieces. This is the larger one. 

This is the smaller one. 
Since Mitch and I both have a sweet tooth (I think somewhere along the way he gave me his...) we decided to do a chocolate fountain and a candy bar! (Candy bars were really cool in 2010, LOL!) 

Persian cookies  

Lots of Prosecco Champagne + seven & seven +  Miller Lite for the Bride and Groom
And a full bar for all our guests. 
Cake's were made by Natalie Bakery
Our cake was 5 layers and 5 different  flavors.  Classic vanilla wedding cake, coffee, red velvet, lemon and german chocolate. I was insistent upon having buttercream frosting as I wanted it to be really delicious.  
The grooms cake was chocolate. 

Programs made by 'Noteable' in Midland.

Lastly, I will leave you with some of my favorite photos + some of the party, 

Cheers pre-wedding in the bridal suite
The guys hanging in the Groom's suite. Something fun about our venue is they have huge TV's in the
suites where we watched all the guests come into the chapel upon arrival. 
Macie Gene, our flower girl! 
Our other gorgeous flower girls. 

Pastor John. 

LOL! Family.
Cutting our cake. 
Kisses to my forever.  

Our 1st dance was to "Baby, I love your way".
Father + Daughter Dance to "The Way You Look Tonight".
Father of The Bride is still one of my all time favorite movies! 
Mother + Son Dance to "What a Wonderful World". 
Our band "True Bone" was incredible!  
The Bridesmaids and Groomsmen all
danced into our reception to "Tonight's going to be a Good Night".
We all danced the night away 

The band made their way onto the dance floor to serenade us. 

Then there was an epic "Dance Off".

Making our exit!  

 Well, there you have it. Our entire wedding on the blog! 
It was one of the best days of our lives! 
Hope you enjoyed!