The Joy of Being Mom

 The Joy of Being Mom 

by Judy Brisky


I am so excited to be sharing about a book I read that was written by one of my sweet friends. 

Judy Brisky, author of The Joy of Being Mom, and I met at a Gateway church function a few years back. 

I remember sitting by Judy and thinking what JOY she exudes. 

When we met for lunch and she shared the name of her first book I knew it was going to be a hit. 

Judy truly embodies joy. She walks it out in every way. 

She is the best role model to share on the joy in motherhood. 

The book opens with a note she wrote in her journal many years back. 

It's real and raw and it left me in tears. 

She speaks about loosing her temper and haven't we all been there. Yelled at our kids and the guilt starts to set in. At the end she writes "Please, please help me." This letter made me feel seen. That we are all moms and we are all in this together. Although, Judy is a couple chapters ahead in her journey she was once a young mom and can relate to the overwhelming moments young mothers face. 

Judy uses her experience in motherhood to point all those around her back to Jesus. 

The practical applications at the end of each chapter was one of my favorite parts. 

While reading through each chapter I felt strengthened and encouraged. 

It reminded me to slow down and enjoy each phase of motherhood. That this is a marathon and not a sprint. To keep my eyes on Jesus and that we are building a legacy through our faith. 

Overall, it was a 10/10 for me. Excellent read! 

Biggest Hugs, 

Lauren Stack