Chocolate Covered Bananas with Nuts

Chocolate Covered Banana with Nuts 

Skewers (I use the Candy Sticks) 
Semisweet Melting Chocolate
Chopped Nuts (I chose walnuts)

Peel + Cut Bananas
Place Banana on Skewer
Melt Chocolate in a bowl
 (50% power 30 seconds + stir + 30 seconds stir +  until completely melted)
Dip Banana in chocolate
Roll in Nuts
Freeze for a few hours

Overnight Oats

Overnight Oats
Strawberry Banana 

Old fashion Oats 
Small Banana cut into slices
Strawberries cut into slices 
Coconut Milk 
Local Organic Honey 

Combine all ingredients 
Place into a mason jar, cup, or airtight container
Cover with lid and place in icebox for at least 2 hours, preferably overnight
Add more milk, honey, or fruit in morning if desired

Turkey Humus Wraps

Are y'all tired of the preschool recipes yet? 
I hope not because I have a few more we tied! 

The turkey humus "burritos" as Eli likes to call them were a hit! I will say the ezekiel 
wrap was a little dry so next time I'll use something different like a delicious tortilla! 
I'm liking this assignment for JLCC as I can use them for my little guys lunches! 
So fun! 

Here are the Turkey Humus Wraps! 

Ezekiel Wrap  
Roasted Red Pepper Humus 
Shredded Cheddar Cheese 
Organic Turkey Slices {Just a tip, always buy meat that is nitrate free! 
Applegate brand is an awesome option 
and there are lots of options at Trader Joe's!}

Spread Humus on Wrap 
Add Turkey 
Sprinkle Cheese 

Ham Kabobs for Precchoolers

Hey Heyyyyy! 

Here is the first lunchtime recipe Eli and I tried
for our JLCC Kids in the Kitchen Cookbook entry! 

We decided to try lunchbox kabobs! 
We had a ball stabbing all the ingredients and 
said this was his favorrrrrite ever! Ha! 

Applegate Ham
Cheddar Cheese squares
Heirloom Tomatoes 

Add all items to stick 

I'm going to send this for Eli's first day of school and pray he doesn't use the kabob stick as a weapon! 

Frozen Yogurt Bites

Oh hi old blog that I neglect! 
It's been a while! 

My placement with Junior League this year is Kids in the Kitchen. 
Initially, I didn't know much about the committee and thought it was simply an 
event the JLCC hosts once a year. 
Since our meetings have started I have learned a great deal and have fallen in love with the purpose behind the committee. 
We are committed to teaching children in many different socioeconomic backgrounds the importance of healthy eating from a young age! We are putting together a children's cookbook and I am in charge of 6 recipes for pre-school age kids so I thought I would share them here too!! 

I have to admit 99% of the time Eli and I cook {aka BAKE}  together we bake something unhealthy so this was different for us! 
He asked, "Mom are we making cookies with lots of sparkles (sprinkles)?!!" 
Ha!! For our first recipe we made Frozen yogurt bites! He loved making these frozen yogurt bites just as much as making cookies!!!! Who knew? 

Organic Granola
Organic yogurt {we did strawberry + blueberry}
Organic fruit {we did strawberries, blueberries + blackberries}

Place mini muffin paper cups in mini muffin pan 
Scoop granola into each spot with spoon
Add yogurt with spoon  
Top with berries 
Freeze for a few hours at least

Love having quality time with my little buddy (well and his sister as she was on my hip the whole time)! He kept saying this is my favorite!!!!!! 
The joy of a child!!