Lately, I'm craving all things pink + ultra feminine! 

The other night I met a friend at a business meeting/social and Kendra Scott was set up selling for a discount. I had never bought anything from her line but the color was so pretty I couldn't resist. I did opt for the smaller pair as I was worried the larger ones would be too heavy! 
I've had this Essie Polish for 2 years now but it's such a great summer staple and it has lasted the test of time! 
Recently decided I needed more than 1 shade of Pink for my lips and while I was in CVS  I noticed this little baby was on sale! Score! The color is so rich + I love matte lips! 
Now this perfume is my absolute favorite. Me, my best friend Olivia, and every woman over the age of 75 go wild for this scent! It's a bit pricey so I save it for special occasions (I know, I know... I'm a cheapskate) But if I use it little by little I feel like I'm getting my money's worth! Lol! 
Hope you find some pinkspiration for the week! 

Earrings: Kendra Scott 
Nail Polish:  Essie -Off the Shoulder

Fall Shoe Crush

There is something exciting about preparing for an upcoming season! 
{esp Fall + Winter as they are my fav!}
Here are my pick's for the Top Fall Shoes! 

I'd love to hear your favorite Fall Shoe Trends!! 


Tunes: Love and The Outcome

This is the jammmmm!

Check check check it out!

You are bigger than any battle I'm facing//

You are better than anything I've been chasing//

Savior and Royalty the only hope for me//

Jesus, you are the King of my Heart! 


For the Love of Vintage

I'm sure it's no surprise to anyone reading this that I started collecting vintage pieces right out of college. 
Oh how I love to get elbow deep in a bunch of CRAP to find a treasure. 
I started by collecting FUR. Now don't get all crazy and dump some red paint on me PETA lovers... they are ALL vintage and I would NEVER buy a new fur; neither do I condone raising animals for their gorgeous coats. 
My first purchase was a fabulous Blue Fox Fur right out of college which to this day may be one of my most favorite treasures I own. I went back to the consignment store probably 10 times until the owner practically gave it to my broke self!! LOL! Since then I have collected 3 stoles, 6 coats and close to 10 vests (the vest are also VEGAN fur). 
Today we went estate selling and I found the most fabulous MINK hat. I have been scoping out mink coats for a while and I think a certain someone maybe working some sneaky maneuvers for our upcoming anniversary...  {{Puhleaseeee say it's true!!!}}
Here is my preshyyyyy mink hat!

I also scored this intrinsically beaded top and leather skirt for 5 bucks each!
I'm sure you are thinking WHERE in the world do you wear a mink hat being a new mom and living in smoldering hot Texas....
Well today I pranced around my house in cut off demin shorts, washing dishes and playing with my mini man in it. Sure I didn't have on any make-up but I felt fabulous. So I'd say it was worth the whopping TEN BUCKS to invest in a piece that is worth well over 20x what I paid for it! 
Lemme know if you are on the hunt for some fur because you know I love to scour the racks at every sale and may just run across the perfect piece for you!! 
{I'm also way into silver, barware, china, crystal, tea sets and of course all things fashion}
{So stay tuned to see some of the fabulous silver and china I also snagged this weekend!} 


My Best Friend's Wedding: Custom Couture Bridal Gown Designer

Yesterday I had the incredible opportunity to sit in on a bridal gown fitting for my best friend, Jana. 
Jana is wearing her late grandmother's wedding gown and has selected couture wedding dress designer
 Nardos Imam to help create the vision she has for her gown. 
Y'all, as I walked into her studio I knew something great was happening here. 
The attention to detail in the design of the studio was incredible. 
They had lovely sketches for artwork, beautiful fresh floral arrangements in each room, and ornate detail to the entire design. 
The customer service was second to none. They brought sparkling water and helped me entertain my little man without hesitation. They gushed about how precious he is as he tore apart their studio. 
We talked future ready-to-wear collections, gold Chantilly lace and upcoming trips to Paris for fabric. 
I got to hear the heart of a designer where passion for my industry was apparent. 
Nardos was genuinely interested in my past endeavors in the industry and spoke of meeting in the near future to learn more. 
As we spoke of Jana's impending back surgery she had faith in Jesus Christ as her healer. 
Nardos unique talent to make such elegant, timeless and exceptional bridal and event dresses was astonishing. 
I absolutely love inspiring woman and Nardos was certainly that. 

Obsessed to say the least
He pulled all the under-pinnings out
{Boys will be boys...}
Some gorgeous impromptu sketches