For the Love of Vintage

I'm sure it's no surprise to anyone reading this that I started collecting vintage pieces right out of college. 
Oh how I love to get elbow deep in a bunch of CRAP to find a treasure. 
I started by collecting FUR. Now don't get all crazy and dump some red paint on me PETA lovers... they are ALL vintage and I would NEVER buy a new fur; neither do I condone raising animals for their gorgeous coats. 
My first purchase was a fabulous Blue Fox Fur right out of college which to this day may be one of my most favorite treasures I own. I went back to the consignment store probably 10 times until the owner practically gave it to my broke self!! LOL! Since then I have collected 3 stoles, 6 coats and close to 10 vests (the vest are also VEGAN fur). 
Today we went estate selling and I found the most fabulous MINK hat. I have been scoping out mink coats for a while and I think a certain someone maybe working some sneaky maneuvers for our upcoming anniversary...  {{Puhleaseeee say it's true!!!}}
Here is my preshyyyyy mink hat!

I also scored this intrinsically beaded top and leather skirt for 5 bucks each!
I'm sure you are thinking WHERE in the world do you wear a mink hat being a new mom and living in smoldering hot Texas....
Well today I pranced around my house in cut off demin shorts, washing dishes and playing with my mini man in it. Sure I didn't have on any make-up but I felt fabulous. So I'd say it was worth the whopping TEN BUCKS to invest in a piece that is worth well over 20x what I paid for it! 
Lemme know if you are on the hunt for some fur because you know I love to scour the racks at every sale and may just run across the perfect piece for you!! 
{I'm also way into silver, barware, china, crystal, tea sets and of course all things fashion}
{So stay tuned to see some of the fabulous silver and china I also snagged this weekend!} 

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