Stack House | Design Decisions

I'm so excited to share some of design choices for our new home! 
This process has been so fun

Curb Appeal: 
We have always wanted a red brick house with navy shutters, a red door and a porch! 
So when we chose the outside of our house we chose to have an elevation with a small front pourch. 
We almost went with a darker brick (like a brown)  as it is much more popular in our neighborhood but decided to go with our gut and do red. 

We chose Acme brick color Alton Bridge with cream stone. 
The lighter color is the trim, the darker color is the citing (which is very little) and the circle is the color for the gutters! 
This is a tad creepy that I snapped a pic of someone else's house but this is our brick color on a larger scale!  
The house will be built with a brown door + shutters but hopefully in the future we can paint them!
Also, our house was designed with a zig-zag 'chevron' looking brick patterned as a banner across the top of the garage that we nixed, we like to stay with a more traditional look for our curb appeal! 

Interior Finishings: 

We chose to do the entire downstairs minus the master bedroom in a red oak nailed down, hand scraped floors in the color 'brackish'. 
These are a little lighter than the wood floors we laid in our last home. 
We love wood so we want to be able to see the grain and knots throughout the floors. 

This is the best picture that shows the floors! Lol! 
For the carpet we chose 'Doeskin'. We will have carpet in the master bedroom and the entire upstairs!

For the overall paint color we chose Kwal's 'Coconut' for all the walls & ceilings + 'Pure Snow', which is the brightest white, for almost all the cabinets,  the baseboards, doors, ect. 
Coconut has a bit of a grey undertone. 
We are also using the Restoration Hardware colors from the 'Slate' collection as we used in our last house. I love ash, stone (which I did all my cabinetry in our last home), graphite and slate. We may go ahead and use Mega Geige by Sherwin Williams for Eli's new big boy room which is the same as his nursery now! If it's not broke... ;) 

For the hardware we decided upon brushed nickel for all our door knobs, faucets, light fixtures, and any other hardware in the whole house. 

We chose a lighting package with very straight lines. We like this look vs. the scrolly look for our house! 
We are planning to install 3 new light fixtures upon moving in {entry + dining + breakfast nook}. We want a heavy antique bronze look to mix with all our greys! I want industrial with a touch of glam. Picture Jan Barboglio. 
{Mind you some of these decisions will be changed before we move in! LOL} 

We also decided upon square stair rail spindles vs. the swirly more popular ones as I am looking for all Modern straight lines! 

For our kitchen we chose to do a white quartz counter top + beveled subway tile in the brightest white available. For the cabinets we chose to paint them 'Pure Snow' which is the brightest white. 
This is a pic borrowed from pintrest but it shows the beveled subway tile + counter top.
We like beveled tile because it adds such a pretty dimension to the clean simple design. 
White beveled subway tile + under cabinet lights.
We chose a stainless steal single basin sink. We also chose a square edge for the quartz counter top to give it that clean straight line look we are going for! 
We  chose to leave our island stained as it will break up the kitchen and the living room. Plus we think it adds something a little different and fun!

For the wine grotto we chose to leave the cabinets stained. We felt it gave the room a masculine + earthy feel that we are going for! We also chose to do a darker granite instead of the quartz. 
This granite had grey + brown which will coordinate perfectly with not only the grotto but the rest of the house as well.
Here we want to showcase the couple of Jan Barboglio pieces we have from our wedding!
Also, we are doing a full bullnose edge for the granite in the rest of the house (I didn't even know there were edge options... that was all Mitch...)

 For the master bathroom + downstairs powder bath we chose to use the granite color  'Sparkling White'. We also chose to frame the mirrors with silver frames and add a claw foot to the cabinets!  

For the master bathroom we chose matte grey subway tile + bright white grout for our shower!
We will have 2 sinks with 2 framed mirrors with
stark white cabinets like this picture shows! 
I like the contrast in color! 
This is a random picture but it shows the claw foot look all our bathroom cabinets will have! 
'Sparkling White' Granite + the tile on the right named which is Millennium Slate Supremo 'Winter'
This tile will also be in the powder bath + utility room. 
For the 2 upstairs bathrooms we chose 'Luna Pearl' granite + grey floor tile. The top right in the photo below shows the selections. We will use the floor tile as the shower back splashes! 

Special Touches: 
Mitch is a handy man so one of the requirements to building our home was a shop. Since the lots aren't huge we decided to add a tandem 3rd car garage and build a wall with a door to close it in. So basically Mitch's shop will structurally be inside our house. 
He also added a ton of lighting to our house. He had the house special wired for Christmas lights and we will have a switch to turn them on and off (the things that matter to men...) 
We will have a small but cute and functional mud room that I love! 

Another fun aspect is that we had the house measured for custom plantation shutters. This is something I absolutely adore!
I'm not sure if we can do the whole house or just the downstairs at first but I am super excited it's even an option! 

We also have 3 window seats in our house! 
Lastly, I have started slowly buying decor as it goes on sale. I bought a giant world map wall tapestry for the focal point in the living room that I am so excited about! 
We will be changing up a lot of our decor but we are wanting to try to re-purpose a lot too! I am sending 2 antique chairs we own to be recovered for our master bedroom plus I bought a friends leather couch for our media room upstairs. I have been scoping out pillows for our mud room and dreaming of linen + studs. 
We will be selling a bunch of our current furniture too (master set + couches + rugs soon!) 
This will absolutely be a process and certainly won't be finished anytime soon! Luckily I love the proccess of decorating and cannot wait to see how all our stuff fits in the new home! 

I hope you enjoyed a little trip through the design of our new home!

***A lot of these pictures are borrowed from Pinterest***


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