Eli | 15 Months

My precious baby is 15 months old! 
I cannot believe that 1. he can possibly be that old and 2. it's been 2 months since we lost my mom. Here is a little update on baby E! 

He is off!
 Eli has the sweetest personality mixed with a bit of a strong will + fiestiness! Eli loves to give his momma lots of tight neck squeezes, leg hugs and wet kisses! He makes the "muah" sound when we ask for a kiss! He is beginning to be shy and either hides behind my legs or lays his head on my chest when he's feeling shy!
He's my cuddle bear, we snuggle all night 
He is associating words with meanings and knows 'orse' for horse {and can I mention that there are an alarming amount of horses all around that I never noticed until Eli pointed them all out...}, cow and will moo on occasion, bird, flower and will say shhhhh for sheep. We are still working on Pig because he seems to think it really looks like a dog! haha! Eli also says balloon, good job, hot, and a ton of other words!

Other than animals his favorite things are trucks and balls. He pushes his trucks around the house and makes a truck sound!

Kicking the ball 
He is my little climber! 

He is certainly becoming more independent and want to hold his own milk

He is a good little eater!
I work hard on his toddler meals! We eat very 'whole', no GMO's, all farm raised, cage free, grass fed, no nitrates, all organic... you know- the works. Yet, we still love chick-fil-a and he has been getting a whole lot of cake pops lately!
Like Julia child says," Everything in moderation, including moderation."

Peaches + Green beans are his favorite   

He loves to dance! His favorite song is "Hot Diggity Dog" on Mickey Mouse! 

Eddie Coker concert 

We were serenaded at the Eddie Coker concert but the picture of  Baby E has mysteriously disappeared! 
He is so funny! 
Where's Eli?  
He likes to 'Kersplat' on the floor and laughs! 
He loves his Little Blue Car - especially the wheelies! 

He has grown a lot lately and actually jumped up on the percentage scale significantly... We're  just happy to finally be ON it! 

And he is finally fully weaned. I let him self wean and about 3 weeks ago he called it quits! 
I'll write an entire blog on our breastfeeding journey (let me tell you it was quite the journey!!) 

Paci Hoarder

Eli is absolutely precious and is my pride and joy! 
He makes life a fun adventure. 
He is full of energy and I'm told all the time he is 'busy'. 

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  1. I love reading this!! What a great way to document his milestones!! Such a sweet and spunky little boyyyy :)