Farewell Little Pink House

Well the time has come to sell our little pink house! 
I loved this precious little home. 
I love the sweet memories of Mitch and I remodeling, painting, landscaping, decorating, re- decorating and changing this home. I love that I spent my first pregnancy here and brought baby E home here. I love that is was humble and we put our hearts into making it our own! I love the long conversations with Mitch here about how no where feels like home except our home together anymore. I love that we built such a strong life together here. 
But by no means does this feel like our 'first home'. Mitch and I have spent a lifetime together. 
We are fortunate (and in some way unfortunate) enough to have walked a vast majority of life together. 
We started dating when I was 14 and Mitch was 15. Mitch and I fell madly in love so very very young. He told me he loved me and was so serious about his love for me. 
We broke up for 3 solid years while we both did some soul searching and ended up back together when I was 19 and he was 20. We moved in together a year later. Yup, you read that right we moved into a precious little 2 bedroom apartment together in Lubbock, Texas at 20 years old. I played house that whole year. I hung curtains, bought rugs, searched the Hobby Lobby clearance isle and turned that little space into a home for us. We cooked meals, hosted cook outs, played guitar hero, drank beer, and fell even more madly in love in that apartment. What a hard decision we made, to go against everything our families and society said about how to live your life. But we simply didn't care. We wanted to be together and we wanted it NOW. When you know you want to spend the rest of your life with someone you want it to begin immediately. So we threw caution to the wind and just lived! Without worrying about anyone else. Junior year of college rolled around and we wanted an upgrade, so we rented a 3 bedroom duplex in Lubbock. What a fun home that was! I bet I could have 30 friends write on this blog about the fun we had there. Mitch and I turned the garage into an entertaining center. We had full bar which probably had 50 signatures on the top by the time we moved out on it (Mitch found it in the ally and moved it in), we had carpet, music, beer pong table, games table, couches and anything else you can imagine. We spent so many fun nights singing at the top of our lungs in that garage. We had the most precious roommate, Brandon, who humored me alongside Mitch as I attempted to cook them meal after meal! We all were in business school and spent many nights studying (well I would study and they would mess around) at the kitchen table. After graduation Mitch and I spent a summer apart. Whoa, that was HARD! We had spent the previous summers road tripping, traveling to the beach and New York... and to all the sudden be apart... after being attached at the hip for years was really different for us. Well we didn't like it much so Mitch finally popped the question and I moved to Dallas to be with him! We lived with my parents for a short stint and decided to rent a cute little apartment at Austin Ranch in The Colony, Texas. What fun memories we had there. This is where we started our careers, where we dreamed big dreams for the future, where we committed our lives to live for the Lord and where we planned our wedding. It was such a whirlwind of a year with our long commutes and crazy schedules but we were so happy there. Before we tied the knot  I decided we needed something a tad bit fancier for our 'first married' home so we upgraded to a 3 storied condo at Austin Ranch. By this time life was in full swing and I didn't have time to decorate so our '1st married home' was the least decorated of all our homes! We had so much fun being newly weds in that condo while chasing down our career dreams! When we were finally ready to buy our '1st home' we searched long and hard and moved into our precious little pink home in North Dallas. This was another chapter in our beautiful love story. It was ours and we loved it. We finally had our own space to entertain and host house guests. We had Super Bowl parties, tons of cook outs, birthday parties and numerous out of town guests. We prayed, loved and had fun here. We fell even more madly in love in this house and turned a family of 2 into a family of 3. 
I thought I would be more emotional about moving out of this home but I feel like we finished a chapter there and that it's time to move on. 
The Lord reassures me that The best is yet to come! 
And honestly, a home is just a place to create memories!
Sure I am excited for our new home and all that entails but I am more excited about having a place big enough to have friends and family around to build more memories! A place to have more fun! And a place to fall even more madly in love (if that's even possible!) 

Photo Drop of our preshyyy little house!! 

Pieces collected from Granbury, Texas- Charleston, NC- Paris,
France- Rome, Italy- Gift from Iran- 

Mitch intalled the stair banister himself
Arrow from Santa Fe
Gun was Mitch's dads


  1. Lauren, your home is precious!!! But I know how exciting it is to build a brand new home! So so happy for you and your cute little fam!

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