Crop Top

Dear Cabo, 
I miss you for many reasons. One being a reason to wear this crop top. 
Let's meet again soon. 

{Y'all, how precious are the men in my life. I am one lucky gal.}



Oh, pink. How I love you. 
Since I was a tiny baby, my mom always told me my color was Pink. Maybe that's why I have a slight obsession. 

Pink + Grey = Everything. 

{Photo Cred: Pintrest} 

Summer Wraps

My love affair with oversized, flowy wraps began over 3 years ago when one of my absolute favorite line's that I ever repped, Tart Collections, came out with the Tama Wrap. 

I bought this wrap in 2 colors, bought one for my mom, some for friends, and my aunt. 
I wore it so much I started to fear friends didn't believe I owned anything other than those 2 wraps. Luckily, I have now invested in a few different shapes, sizes, and colors.
 {See friends, I own more than 2 outfits....}

Cheers a summer of wearing clothes that feel like pajamas! 


Affordable Spring Shopping

I follow one of my favorite fashion website's on Facebook, Refinery 29
As E was taking an early morning nap {we had quite a rough night} I came across their post for 'Affordable Spring Shopping'. Typically when I read posts like this they leave me thinking, you call this BUDGET shopping?! We must have drastically different budget's....
I was refreshingly incorrect. 

It was sold out in my size by the time I tried to buy it. 
I guess I will keep searching for the perfect outfit for my best friends impending Engagement Party. 

The Zoe Report is ba-na-na's

As I opened my email from The Zoe Report today, I was pumped to see Rach (what? we're old friends) had written about her "Baby Obsessions". As I scrolled through her 'drool worthy' list I realized Eli has HALF of the items listed (Rach and I must be on the same brainwave- lol- a girl can dream, right?) 

I love all the items she picked. And if you forgot to get E a b-day gift feel free to pick up that chambray babble for him ;)