sat at dinner with friends when the book “Uninvited” came up. I listened carefully as girl after girl told their story of the pain of being not included and how that book was revolutionary for them. It came to me- and I gently said “well that’s not really a struggle I have faced. I am blessed with a 5 second rebound rate. Moving right along!” 

And doesn’t it seem like when we say things like that- we open ourselves up to be tested in that way. And I was over and over again through 2020 + 2021. The year of “social distancing” and “pods” with whom we felt safe. For the first time I watched groups gather and no invite came my way. I’m a natural connector and gatherer. It’s just how I am made. I kept thinking, “I just wouldn’t have done that to them.” 

Then it hit me. 1. Am I letting the “not invited” status tie to my worth? Am I letting that tell me I am not a good enough friend? Or not well received? My worth was on the line and I knew I had to shift my perspective. Who does GOD call me to be? He calls me worthy- He calls me friend. 

Quality over quantity is true. You become like the 5 people you spend the most time around. So guard those spots carefully. But let’s link arms as women and mothers, and be includers. Remember to have a friend, you have to BE a friend. Reach out, be kind, love well. Build a bigger table. And if you’re going through a season where you feel unincluded. Our Heavenly Father is near. And He calls you friend!!!! 

If you need a seat at the table. I got you! You have a seat saved next to me! 

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