Nutcracker Birthday Party

Caroline Carlisle's 4th Birthday:
Sugar Plum Fairy Tea! 

My CC girl decided an entire year before her birthday that she wanted a "Pink Ballet Nutcracker Tea Party" so that is just what she got! 
We went to the Sugar Plum Fairy Tea presented by the Collin County Ballet the past 3 years and CC is always mesmerized by the "real ballerinas". 
So we called the day after the production last year and booked the front 5 tables! 
From there we decided that we wanted to do cake at home before so it felt like a birthday party and not just like a day out with the girls! 
We set the stage in our living room with pipe and drape and gorgeous twinkle lights. 
I knew I wanted huge ornaments and a giant ballon swag hanging overhead. 
It turned out beyond perfect and was the most magical day! 

Pipe + Drape with twinkle lights and Ballons: My Designer Jacquline 
Cookies + Treat Trees: Sweets on a Stick 
Rack: Amazon
Tutus: Amazon
Welcome Sign: Filled with Joy 
 Watercolor Nutcracker Art: Simply Jessica 

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