Tea for Two Birthday Party

 Tea for Two: 

Our Caroline Carlisle turned 2 on November 5th and we celebrated 
our girl with a "Pink Tea Party" at her request! 
Y'all, our girl cracks us up beyond measure. She's a fancy little spitfire. 
She insisted on wearing a string of (faux) pearls, white gloves and church shoes everyday for about 6 months, mind you most of the time with JUST a diaper. 
The girl knows what she likes and what she doesn't and we are all just along for the ride! 

{Dress: Pink Peony Boutique Hat: Etsy Shop Timeless Kisses 
Photo by: Nicole Weirick Photography}

First off, we decided on the House of Hadley Kate for our birthday celebration venue! 
The House of Hadley Kate is located in downtown Frisco and is the cutest old house that has been renovated for children's birthday parties! 
They do ALL the set up, tear down and have employees help host the party which is incredibly helpful! 
We had toured the House of Hadley Kate before CC's first birthday and wanted to save this cute venue for a more "themed" party when she was a tad older so she could partake in all the cute activities they set up! 
{CC has since been asked to be a brand ambassador for their cute kids boutique HOHK Kids! You can shop online and follow their instagram! Seriously such cute stuff!}

Once we picked the theme and venue I went to pinterest to start gathering ideas for her decor.
The first thing I knew we had to have was a balloon swag! 
I emailed over a picture to the House of Hadley Kate and boy did they deliver! 
I love the mix of light pink, white and gold glitter balloons with the gorgeous greenery detail. 
I then ordered the "Tea for Two" gold balloons to nail the theme home. 
{Gold Foil Balloons:Etsy Shop Oh Shiny Paper Co }
{Large white confetti Balloons: Etsy Shop Super Sweet Party

Before I even picked a cake I knew I wanted CC to have a macaroon tower. 
Nothing pairs better with tea and pink macaroons! 
Since we didn't need 300 macaroons we added in roses to the display and I think it turned out so elegant and pretty! 
As for the food we went with tried-and-true Market Street Catering. The food is so delicious and extremely well priced. Our menu consisted of Tea Sandwiches (Cucumber with dilled cream cheese, Honey maple ham with swiss and raspberry preservatives, Pimento cheese, Smoked gouda spread with tomatoes and bacon, Artichoke chicken salad on olive bread, Turkey and American cheese and Peanut butter and jelly)  European Cheese Board, Stuffed Brie Platter, Charcuterie board, Fruit platter and a Veggie Platter. 
{Macaroon tower: Amazon, Macaroons: Market Street

My dear friend Jenn Lyons owns the best paper goods company around, Filled with Joy, and she custom made the sign, thank you tags and invite! 

The cake is always one of the most fun parts to pick out! I usually let the kids scroll through pinterest and pick out ideas they like! Then we take it and make it our own. 
Our friend and neighbor Mary Baird is the owner of Better Batter Cakes and she is always so incredible! 
CC wanted a "pink tea pot and cup" so Mrs. Mary made it happen! 

 For the tea party I thought each of our friends needed their own hand painted tea cup which also served as the party favor. They had so much fun sipping tea from their cups and of course I had little plastic tea cups with straws too. 
 The kiddos enjoyed a few types of decaf tea, lemonade and water. 
{Tea Cups: Holly Slay}

As for entertainment, we had fun dressing up in pearls, twirling around the dance floor and decorating hats and tea cups! 

Well there you have it! Our little "pink tea party" was so much fun and we are so thankful for our family and friends that came to celebrate our little Ceec!! 
My baby girl, you hold such a special place in my heart! You are wonderfully carefree, strong and yet the kindest soul I have ever known. You are thoughtful and soft but brave and independent. You are a social butterfly that doesn't know a stranger but a mama's girl through and through. Your heart is pure gold and I couldn't be more proud of who you are! I pray you know what unique talents and gifts you have. That you use them to your full potential. I pray you are courageous and kind. Loving and giving. 
Caroline Carlisle you are made for extraordinary things. I can never thank God enough for YOU!
I love you with my whole heart!!!! 

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