Texas State Fair

Oh how our family adores the Texas State Fair! 
What's not to love? The rides, the animals, the fried food and Texas pride
It holds a piece of our hearts- so much so that we are having a 
Texas State Fair Themed birthday party for my big boy turning FOUR!!! 
Here is a peek back at the past five years opening morning at the fair! 

This was my first time to go on opening morning! 
We went to celebrate one of my very best friends, Lauren Logan's birthday! 
That was the moment I realized it was clean, less crowded and discounted on the opening day!! 
I'm pretty sure I called in work sick which was a big deal for me! Haha! 
I used to never miss work! 
Eli was in the womb and this was before Big Tex burned down 
(and apparently before good cell phone pic's! Ha!) 

Pregnant with Eli! 
Turkey Leg and Corn- Fair staples! 

 This year I invited some other mama's to come along for opening morning and we had a blast! 
It was Eli's first time at the fair! He was only 5 months old and I remember it being super hot and having to find places to breast him in air conditioning! The life of a mom!! 

This was the first year we dragged the husbands along even though they all have to take a day off of work! This was Eli's second trip to the fair and his first time to really experience the fun! 

I was ten thousand years pregnant with Caroline Carlisle this year which means I got to indulge in just about anything my little heart desired! 
I remember Eli LOVING the little farm and the animals so much! 

This has to be one of my favorite years! 
Eli really got to enjoy the rides and the games! 
CC had a blast and munched on corn like no ones business! 

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